Classifieds Policies

Classifieds: General Guidelines

The Octagon Motor Group (Octagon) is offering this site in the hope that it will be a service to the vintage vehicle community. We hope to run it in the spirit of a community bulletin board and rely on buyers and sellers to proceed with integrity. Most obviously, sellers are asked to ensure the accuracy and honesty of their listing and description. Buyers and potential buyers are asked to proceed respectfully and transparently.

We reserve the right to refuse or remove any items for any reason.

Ads are expected to be of interest to our community and may not be accepted if we feel they fall outside this category.

Important Disclaimers

The Octagon Motor Group supplies the classifieds site as a courtesy to buyers and sellers. Octagon is not the seller of any of the items listed on the site and offers no warranties or guarantees as to the accuracy of the listings, the condition of the items or anything related to the sale. Buyers are cautioned to do their own due diligence in assessing the items for sale, the seller and the legalities of the sale. Sellers likewise are cautioned to proceed with care in their interactions with buyers as they would with any online or classifieds sale. Octagon offers no guarantee as to the legitimacy of any inquiry or buyer. The Octagon Motor Group collects no fee for listing an item on the site and is not a broker or seller and, therefore, any protections available when purchasing from a broker or seller do not apply.


Sellers submit their ads and contact information through our online form.

Ads are reviewed by us and published, if they meet our minimal guidelines. The seller's contact information is not displayed on the ad.

Viewers may inquire about posted ads by submitting an inquiry form to us and we will then pass this information on to the seller. This includes the contact information provided by the inquiring party in their form.

At this point further action on the ad is in the hands of the seller and potential buyer.

These policies and procedures may be periodically updated. It is the responsibility of the user to be familiar with them. If  you have any questions about any aspect of the classifieds please do not hesitate to contact us: