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Our new re-launch has been up for a while now but we have recently updated with a few tweaks. Hope you are all finding the site helpful. We are now also active on on Facebook and you can check out our latest there and join in the conversation.

As usual, we welcome your feedback. Let us know what you think and watch for even more to come! If you are new to Octagon scroll down for more about us.


Below you can see the latest post from @Venables St. our blog for the latest news from Octagon, including events, specials and general goings on.

Another glowing testimonial for Sean and Octagon. Good going guys – Keep up the good work!

“Hi Sean,

Just wanted to say thanks for the inspection and preventative service you did on my ‘new’ 1986 Rolls Royce Silver Spur. When I bought this car a month or so ago I had no idea where to go for maintenance, support, and service. After you checked over the vehicle, and did preventative maintenance, I feel much better about the car, and now know where to take it in the future. Octagon does great service – with more attention to detail than I’d expected. You seem to have both the knowledge base and in-house talent to look after, and sort out, just about anything.

I look forward to coming back, after the summer, for follow up vehicle service.


Grant …”

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David’s MGA Phase 2!

Well the front valence is on, and the car is back in the shop for some engine work!! I really just wanted a little ‘hot rodding’ to the engine,┬áso that under the hood would be consistent with the outer appearance of the car. I purchased a cross flow head from Moss, which appears to be a somewhat controversial item, but which makes nothing but sense theoretically, and a mild cam from ‘Basil’, who many of you MG types probably know – and phase 2 is well under way!FullSizeRender

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1950 Austin A40 Van

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Just found this in a shed this week, its been stored there for the past 40 years. Its complete, aside from anything a mouse would have been interested in… Cool wheel pants as well. Rust is limited to surface as indicated in the pics. Would be a cool project for someone. Its certainly rare..

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    For years Octagon has been the place to go for parts for vintage British sports cars. We have alway carried a full range of spares for MG, Triumph and other British marques.

    Recently we have been working to expand and improve our selection

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    Our MGB, Midget and MGA catalogues are now available for online viewing and quick ordering across Canada (and we hope to add more soon).

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